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Registry Owner Help  
Welcome to our "how-to" instructions on setting up your new registry!

Following are steps to take to set-up your registry.

First, if you are a new customer, click HERE to create an account, where email order confirmations will be sent when someone makes a purchase from your registry.

If you are already a customer, you'll need to LOG IN before you can set up your registry.

Once you have logged into the "My Account Information" page you will need to click on the "Registry" link which now appears at the top of the page or click on the "Create new gift registry " link in the Gift Registry section at the bottom of the page.

At the Registry page you can begin setting up your very own registry!

Steps to create your registry:

  1. Click on the "Add Registry" button.

  2. On the "New Registry Entry" page fill in the "First & Last Name" of the registry owner, the "Occasion Date", and choose the occasion/event from the drop-down box. It is always good to use a different name for the registry co-owner to give your buyers 2 names to search for in the registry: the name of the account user setting up the registry (that's you) and the registry co-owner's name. If the same name is used, then someone trying to search for your registry would have to put in that one name only to do a search. This would create further confusion because the search would find duplicate registries: one for the account user and one for the registry owner (both with the same name). That's a long-winded explanation for why we strongly suggest you use 2 names for your registry.

  3. Click the "Continue" button and the first step of setting up your registry is done. You will see the name of your registry listed on the Registry page. (Click on your registry number or the "Update" button if you need to edit anything.)

  4. To the right of your registry name you will see a text link, "<click here>" under the "Registry Mode" column. Clicking this link puts you into "registry mode" and takes you to the Catalog page where you will see a banner across the top that says "You're in registry mode ... Click here to leave the registry mode (#xxxxxx)". This "registry mode" allows you, the registry owner, to put items into your registry.

  5. Start shopping!

  6. When you go to a Category and click on a product's "Buy Now" button, you will see an "Add to Registry" button and a box next to it for the quantity. You can select the quantity here or you can change it later. After you have added that product to your registry by clicking the "Add to Registry" button, you will see the "What's in My Registry" page. Here you can click "Continue Shopping" to add more products until your registry is complete. Once your registry is complete, you can click the banner across the top of the page -- "You're in registry mode. Click here to leave the registry mode (#xxxxxx)".

  7. Finally, you need to let us know that you've set-up this registry so we can make the work you've requested. Just send an e-mail to info@arrowsicislandpottery.com and give us the name of your registry. We'll note the items requested and get to work making them.

You're finished!

Now you need to tell your friends and family about your new gift registry. Give them our web address: http://arrowsicislandpottery.com and make sure they know exactly how your name and/or the account user's name(s) is/are spelled so their search for your registry will be successful. Please tell them to read the "Registry Buyer Help" instructions on our website. Then you can relax and spend some time with the very people who will be buying you gifts.

That's all there is to it!

Enjoy your new registry!

Note: After your special event, if there are items left in your gift registry, shoppers can still purchase them for you or you can purchase them yourself (as a Registry Buyer). If it was a wedding registry, an option couples can use is to edit the registry, giving it a new date and event name (for example, Anniversary) so friends and relatives can purchase items for your 1st anniversary that may add to a set you received as a wedding gift. You can even go back into "registry mode" as the "account user" and add new or more items to your registry. Your registry can remain active for as long as you desire. If the registry is empty and/or you don't plan to ever purchase any of the remaining items or add new ones, then you can log in as the "account user", click on "Registry", select "Update" and "Delete" your registry.
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